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Tamara & Khaled's Fan Pier Park (Seaport) Wedding Photos

Tamara and Khaled’s wedding took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, and they wanted to take photos to celebrate their new life together as a couple. We went to Fan Pier at sunset to capture them with the beautiful scenery and lighting.

At the beginning of the session, Khaled was nervous. I told him to focus on Tamara instead of the camera, which helped him calm down, and we got some lovely images.

The sunset was beautiful that evening, and the clouds were reflected in the skyscraper windows. There was just the right amount of wind to let Tamara’s skirt flow gracefully. We timed the session just right with the sunset. Tamara’s hair shone in the light during the golden hour, creating a beautiful natural effect.

After we finished at Fan Pier, we walked along the pedestrian walkway in the Seaport. I took photos of Tamara and Khaled with the lanterns and light strands to end the lovely, light-filled evening.

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