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I'm Daniela, the owner of No Rules Photography.  My partner and I (and our 4 cats and 2 rabbits) moved from Boston, MA to beautiful Portland, OR in November 2021.  We've loved experiencing the natural beauty of the PNW and meeting the vibrant Portland community!


As a queer photographer, I strive to provide services that are inclusive and welcoming to all people.  In an effort to be as flexible as possible for those in different situations, we do our absolute best to work with unconventional budgets and plans. If you have a need for photography services, reach out, and we'll see how we can work together!  

Meet the Team

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Hi! I'm Daniela, the lead photographer and primary weirdo of No Rules Photography.  I love hiking, exploring, foraging for mushrooms, getting muddy, gardening... anything outdoors! 

I love to make people laugh and live by the golden rule. I don't mind rolling around on the ground to get the perfect shot (which is why I'll always wear pants or shorts under whatever I'm wearing).  I'll happily wade into almost all water and attempt to entice all alpacas to come over to us for the perfect photo. 

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Hi! I'm Sam.  I'm the short one of our pairing, so I can get angles Daniela has to squat down to get.  I take pride in my ability to capture candids that make Daniela cry. 

If I'm not second shooting for Daniela, I'm either baking, reading, or swimming.  I sing to my cat to get him to eat his dinner, so I consider myself a professional cat whisperer.  Ask me about the time I convinced two snow leopards to hang out just by making "pss pss pss" sounds. 

Sacred Harbor Photo-19.jpg


Hi! I'm Misha! I love ham and supervising.  I double as a furry heating pad, purrito, and muse. Pear shaped and hungry since 2012.

I once ate so much Thanksgiving ham that I had the meat sweats and my human had to wash ham juices off me while I let out copious amounts of kitty farts.  If you turn away from your food for half a second, I consider it mine.  Almost every penny my humans make goes toward making sure I have plenty of ham and treats.



Hi! I'm Josie, the newest and loudest cat in the house.  When I coordinate meows with Milo, we're unstoppable, and treats just fall into our mouths.  

I cuddle with Daniela and Sam when they work on the couch, and will paw at their hands if they take an unapproved break from petting my chin. 

Yes, I drool when enjoying chin scritchies, and yes, you love it.

Sacred Harbor Photo-8.jpg

Oreo Cookie

Oreo Cookie is a purrfessional licker.  He finds joy in everything his tongue touches... so everything in our home is locked away from his jowls.  

He does earn his keep by serving as a foot and head heater on cold nights. 

This intro was written for Oreo Cookie because he's a bit of a pushover, and it's likely that Misha took over the interview and also stole Oreo's dinner. 


Coco Puff

Coco Puff is the friendliest bun you'll meet on this side of the river.  We've considered bringing her along to photo sessions just to get everyone to laugh at her over-eagerness. 

She is over the moon when you walk by, when you say her name, when you probably don't have treats, and even when you think of her.  

She knows you're thinking about her.

Sacred Harbor Photo-0037.jpg


Hi! I'm Milo, and you'll probably never see me in real life. I'm very scared of people knocking on the door, but I will come out and sing for you if I think you're opening a package of deli meat or treats.  I will cut you with my 6 remaining teeth if you try to pick me up.  I may or may not come sleep on your ankles or knees in the middle of the night, just as you're needing to get up to pee. Oh, and I sing professionally, as I get paid in treats.



Sprinkles is the sassiest bun you'll meet on this side of the river, and frenemies with Coco Puff.  She's our hole-digger escape artist who will loudly thump if you aren't giving into her every demand.  

If Sprinkles was a human, she would be a gruff tradeswoman who warms up to you after you prove yourself a worthy project friend.  

While you were reading this, Sprinkles stole all your carrots and kale.

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