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They don't have to be perfect. 

They just have to be "you." 

In my tiny living room, there's a wall of photos of my partner and me - selfies I've taken during our adventures.  Each time I see it, I have to smile - I look like a life-loving dork.  Some are of adventures I had forgotten about, and looking at the photos sparks a memory of splashing in a river, getting burnt on a hike, or encountering a bizarre mushroom in the middle of nowhere.  Some of the photos signify major life changes, like when we drove across the country in less than a week, or when we got our certificate of domestic partnership.  Especially on tough days, these photos make me feel whole again.  

These are just a few of my favorite photos from past sessions. My blog (Inspiration pages) has way more photos, if you're looking to see the flow of a session or day, and I'm happy to send you a link to full galleries as examples of what you can expect to receive.  

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