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Sweet Family Session at Sellwood Park

This sweet family rode up to their session on bikes with kids in tow, and I couldn't help but get a photo of them rolling into Sellwood Park in Portland.

Family rides their bikes to a session with their two children on the back of one bicycle

We found a little meadow along the main path where the sunset golden hour was peeking through the trees. The two little girls got to work playing in the grass right away.

two little girls play in the grass, one throws weeds into the air while yelling loudly, arms outstretched
the two children hug each other in the grass, laughing
the two children hug each other while playing in the grass, arms outstretched
two little girls search for the perfect little flower among the grass blades

The girls decided they wanted to run around and play, so I took a few photos of their parents. This one is my favorite of the two of them - they were naturally so happy and laughing around each other.

couple hold each other and pull each other tight at sellwood park

As soon as the little girls weren't the center of attention, they immediately wanted to play with their parents in front of the camera. We played tickles, arm swings, dance, and tackle mom and dad!

Family of four (2 parents, 2 children) sit in the grass and laugh while playing together. One child cheers exuberantly while sitting on her dad's hip.

Two little girls tackle their dad while they all laugh, rolling in the grass

Family kneels in the grass, holding their kids

Two little girls tackle their mom as she kneels in the grass, laughing for the photo

Mother holds her two little girls as they rest their heads on her

Family plays arm swings and tickle fights, making a hand-holding human chain

Family of 4 poses for a photo, all standing close to one another at Sellwood Park

One daughter playing and dancing with her mother in the grass

Family walks through the grass together, smiling and laughing

I wish for giggling kids and family fun during portrait sessions every day!


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