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Stephanie & Sean's Sunset Ocean Ceremony and Celebration

Stephanie and Sean have been the most amazing couple and clients; we had a great time Boston for their city-based engagement photos, and then we went adventuring and took photos at Artists Bluff and Georgiana Falls in New Hampshire! Despite their plans teetering due to COVID, they went ahead with a smaller, more intimate and romantic wedding at the Eastern Point Yacht Club in Gloucester, MA.

The day started with getting ready coverage on site. Steph and her girls had the run of the upstairs of the Yacht Club, while Sean and his boys were on a cottage on the property.

Stephanie and her squad did a first look after she got her dress on, and the reactions were priceless!

In case you weren't already overwhelmed by all of the love and sweetness of the girls seeing Stephanie's dress, Stephanie and her father also did a first look, and I think we all teared up.

I'm not crying, you're crying!

So, at this point, everyone has gotten a first look with Stephanie except Sean! We were running a little late with all the first looks and love, so we set Sean up outside, looking at the ocean, and got Stephanie ready to come down the stairs.

Sean, although nervous, had the biggest grin on his face when we told him Stephanie was about to come out in her dress. All of the bridesmaids got the best vantage point in the house on their balcony, and were hooting and hollering about how handsome Sean was looking in his suit.

When Stephanie walked out, it was an emotional experience for everyone. Sean looked delightfully stunned. Their first looks of each other were wonderful.

Afterwards, we took some formals around the property, and went to the docks to grab some photos of the harbor. The water had such a shine to it, making it look glittery and bright blue like the vibrant sky.

Guests had started to arrive and filter back to the ceremony area, so we quickly hid Stephanie; she had to walk over some rocks in heels pretty quickly, and said, "Thank goodness I had lots of practice hiking in heels," alluding to our NH engagement adventure session. Pro tip: do an epicly fun photo shoot in the mountains in formalwear before your wedding - if you can do a mountainous engagement session in heels, you can do anything!

We had a few minutes to spare while we waited for the guests to arrive at the ceremony site, so we took a few fun formals on the balcony.

Before we knew it, it was time for Stephanie and Sean to get married! The wedding party was lined up inside the Yacht Club, and before we knew it, Stephanie was walking down the aisle.

After their ceremony, we took lots of photos with family and friends, and then hopped on a Yacht Club boat to take a few more photos of just Steph and Sean.

Oh, and then, they fired a cannon to mark the sunset. That's right, they fired a cannon. What did you do this weekend? If it wasn't firing a cannon, it wasn't cool enough!

After we took a million more photos (how could I stop with that veil and the sunset!?!), we let Steph and Sean attend their own reception. Here are a few of our favorites from *most* of the remainder of their night.

Towards the end of the night, we gathered all of the guests in front of the back porch of the Yacht Club to do a sparkler send off. It was so windy that the sparklers didn't want to light, and burned very quickly. It was a beautiful sparkler send off, nonetheless.

Congratulations, Stephanie and Sean!

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