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Sharon & Paul's Brunch Wedding at Jenkins Estate

If you're thinking an evening ceremony sounds tiring and past your bedtime, I highly recommend a brunch-time celebration! Sharon and Paul had their ceremony at 10 AM at the Jenkin's Estate Tea House in Beaverton/Aloha, and it was serene and beautiful. After their ceremony, they enjoyed a farm-to-table brunch with their guests. It really gave everyone a chance to relax and interact with one another, rather than having to shout over music in a crowded space.

Although Sharon and Paul don't live in Oregon, I'm so honored they chose a venue in the city I live in. The wedding took place the day after a sustained heat wave cooled down, so the skies were overcast and the day was almost cold compared to the previous few days. The weather couldn't have been better for a brunchtime wedding.

One of my favorite details from their wedding is that Sharon's wedding band, the wedding colors, and the cake décor was of cherry blossoms. Here are a few of my favorite photos from their wedding gallery.

Lolomi "meaning peace and quiet" written on a hanging sign at the main house at Jenkins estate, venue for the wedding

Wedding colors were light pink, white, and green, like the color of cherry blossoms

Brunch took place on the patio of the main house at Jenkins Estate

The groom smiles as his mother fixes his bowtie

A groomsman puts on his suspenders to prepare for the wedding

The rings are stacked on top of wooden leaves from the guest book tree

The bride waits while her mother and bridesmaids lace up the corset on her wedding dress

The bride laughs as her bridesmaids fluff her dress and finish helping her get ready to be married

A bridesmaid helps the bride with her earrings

A final look from the bridesmaids cheer for the bride, with the mother starting to cry in the center

Bride's mother cries while having a moment with the bride

The bride's mother wipes her eyes while she cries with her daughter

Groom and his groomsmen gather for a photo in gray suits at Jenkins Estate

The bride walks toward the group of groomsmen, which include her father

Grooms group cheers as the bride walks toward them

Wedding party lines up for a large group photo

The wedding party and parents laugh at each other for a silly group photo

A groomsman walks toward the ceremony, guiding both mothers to their seats

Groom walks over a kissing bride towards the Tea House for the ceremony

Wedding party members walk toward the ceremony site at the Tea House

Bride and her father walk holding hands over the kissing bridge to the ceremony spot

Bride and groom stand in front of their officiant for their ceremony

Bride and groom listen to their officiant

The groom holds his vows in hand, reading and making eye contact with the bride while speaking

The groom smiles while reading his vows, looking down at his notes

The bride holds her vows while smiling at the groom

The bride and groom hold their hands while the groom places a ring on the bride's finger

The bride and groom share their first kiss

The bride and groom walk in a recessional across the kissing bridge

The bride and groom share a group photo with a portion of their family members in the wedding party

Bride and groom pose with the bride's parents at Jenkins Estate for formal family photos

Bride and groom pose on the kissing bride, forehead to forehead, at Jenkins Estate

Bride and groom pose on the kissing bride, forehead to forehead, at Jenkins Estate

Bride and groom hug each other, smiling, in the gardens at Jenkins Estate

A photo showing the bride and grooms wedding bands and the bride's bracelet

Bride and groom hug each other, smiling, in the gardens at Jenkins Estate

Bride formal photos with the bride smiling while holding her bouquet

Groom looks at his bride, smiling

Close up of the groom's bowtie and boutonniere

Groom walks toward the photographer, smiling

Bride and groom cut their cake covered in cherry blossoms

Bride laughs while she and the groom cut their wedding cake

Wedding cake covered in pink cherry blossoms, three tier

Bride and groom sit at their table for lunch

Bride's bouquet of pink, beige, and white flowers and greenery


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