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Proud to be Photobombed by Seagulls

I've held onto this blog post since mid-June, trying my best not to leak any photos, and I'm so excited to show you some of my favorites as Camila and Mackenzie share their first year anniversary!

Camila and Mackenzie met online, seemingly by fate. They had both indicated preferences to both genders, as neither had come out to their family or friends. They started chatting and haven't stopped since! When they both came out to their families together, they were met with joy and support (hallelujah!). Camila explained to me, "Kenz made me braver and I have never met someone with a bigger heart and a more beautiful soul. We're never sick of each other, and despite the obvious tragedy associated with quarantine, these past few months we have been able to spend so much quality time together that we are so grateful for before I start medical school in a month."

It was a hot June day, and it was one of the first days that restaurants with outdoor seating were operating, so the Seaport was hustle and bustling. We met at Fan Pier during golden hour, and while we met up, another couple "rode" by us, a young man trying to teach a girl how to ride a bike. We decided to walk up around the harborwalk to allow the bike riding lesson to continue in peace, as the rider looked to be a little shaky in her new skills.

Camila was a little more comfortable in front of the lens than Mackenzie, but that comfort level seemed to even out once I asked them to interact and give each other a little TLC. The more I watched the two of them interact, laughing together, hugging each other, showing off their passion with lingering kisses, the more open Mackenzie was in front of the camera, and the more fun the session. They were proud of each other, and of their relationship, and it showed in every little movement. "The fear we had felt our entire lives from suppressing a huge part of ourselves seemed so crazy now that we had a reason to confront it. We hadn't felt that fear again in a while, until we decided to get pictures taken and realized the full Seaport public eye would be watching us get cozy with each other in front of the camera. We are very proud to love each other, but there is always still a little part in the back of our minds that feels the fear when we show affection in public. That fear disappeared two minutes in when we just looked at each other and the beautiful sunset and skyline we were able to take pictures in front of."

Readers and photography fans, feast your eyes on some fantastic sunset photos, photobombing seagulls, and two gorgeous individuals so beautifully in love with one another.


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