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Ponds, Farms, and Hauntings: A New England Fall Engagement Session

Megan and Victor are planning an October wedding in 2021, and wanted their engagement shoots to really emulate the fall vibes. We decided on Walden Pond and the surrounding farms and properties for an evening engagement shoot.

We met at Walden first, and walked on the beach to frolic in the amazing foliage. The trees right by the ramp down to the beach, as well as around the path, were stunning reds, oranges, and yellows, and there was still plenty of green. The weather was pristine, and I even got in the water so I could get some cool shots on the beach!

After leaving Walden, we drove down to Old Concord Rd, but another community farm on the way caught my eye. We decided to reroute to The Food Project's Baker Bridge Farm, were we took photos with an old pickup, between the rows of plantings, and in the field.

As we played in the field, we saw the colors of the sky start to change to keep purples and pinks, and although it was getting dark, I just had to grab a few more. Just as we were getting ready to leave, we saw a giant stick fort, and we just had to take a photo with the Blair Witch-esqe arrangement!


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