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Picture-Perfect Portrait Locations in/around Boston

Let's face it: Boston, despite being a tourist trap in the summer and a snowpocalypse in the winter, has a lot of amazing photography locations that can be used for engagement sessions, family photos, wedding formals, or just for fun. Here's a list of our favorite Boston/Boston-ish locations.

*Note: we do update this list whenever we find a location that warrants being on this list.

1. Larz Anderson Park, Brookline

This small park has a pond, fountain, gorgeous leaves in the fall, walking paths, and adorable pedestrian bridges. The park also features a gorgeous stone gazebo and weeping willows. There are many locations to use in this fairly small park that create a lot of variety in your photos. Parking is also easy, close by, and free. Family, pet, child, and large wedding party friendly.

2. Revere Beach, Revere

Revere Beach has spectacular views because of how long the sandy stretch is. The sunrises are spectacular, and the shoreline is clear with white sand. It's the quintessential Boston beach, without a brown skyline of buildings in the background. It has parking close by, as well as a few gazebos, but the real allure is the water.

3. Dorchester Shores Reservation, Dorchester Bay

This walking path is adjacent to the JFK Memorial Library, and has views of the ocean, small parks, and harbor views that allow for a wide variety of locations in a relatively short walking distance. There's also a fun photo opportunity to feature hungry seagulls and a child nervously waiting with a small outstretched hand, holding a piece of bread...

4. Historic Beacon Hill

Between the glow of street lights at dusk, the historic, bright colored buildings lining the streets, antique railings, and stunning architecture, Boston's Historic Beacon HIll has many locations to choose from, and is a fun walking tour of Boston. Parking may be difficult (or impossible), so if you're looking to take wedding formals here, consider public transit or hiring a driver/limo to take the pressure of parking cars off your shoulders.

5. Boston Public Gardens

The Gardens are a winning location year-round. The city pays for professional landscaping, and the colors of the plants change with every season. The historic monuments, swan boats, kissing bridge, and weeping willows make this downtown Boston location a really iconic photography location for any type of session. Parking is difficult around the park, so consider public transit, or a driver/limo service.

6. Blue Hills Reservation, Milton

The Blue Hills are an adventure all on their own. From the highest point at the Observatory, to Houghton's Pond, there are many picturesque locations to choose from. Depending on the end destination in mind, this location may be more of a hike, but it's totally worth it to get epic wedding dress shots overlooking the Blue Hills. It's a beautiful spot to elope as well. There are parking lots, but there may be some serious walking required to get to some of the overlooks.

7. Neponset Rail Trail, Quincy

One of my favorite spots, the rail trail has some really unique views to the marshland of Neponset and the Quincy Bay. There are several spots to park and walk to fields of tall grasses and glistening marshes. This location is generally recommended in the summer, as it can get cold, snowy, and slippery in the winter, with no beautiful tall grasses.

8. Historic Charlestown

Historic Charlestown, like Historic Beacon Hill, features the architecture unique to Boston - densely packed streets with narrow buildings, many of which a restored colonials. Although it may be a longer walk, having a photo shoot on the streets of Charlestown may be as "Bostonian" as it gets. You can even walk to the Harbor and waterfront to take iconic photos with the USS Constitution and the piers. There is very limited parking around all of Charlestown, so consider using public transit, or risk getting ticketed. It's primarily resident parking only.

9. Charles River Esplanade, Back Bay

The Charles River Esplanade can be a short or long walk, depending on where you start and how many varieties of locations you're aiming for. You can have a quiet, intimate photos at the lagoon (maybe even a romantic kayaking experience?), or use the city as your backdrop on the river-side of the walking path. Located on a full length park system, there are literally hundreds of great spots to choose from. Keep in mind this is a really popular tourist destination, and there is no close parking. You'll need to take one of the pedestrian bridges across Storrow or Mass Ave. to get there by foot. Or, ride a bike over and get some really sweet shots with the bicycles as props.

10. The Herter Park Publick Theater, Allston

The Amphitheater is the only abandoned theater in all of Boston that you can just walk into and around. For a more grungy, edgy look, this is a really fun, out-of-the-box location. We like to keep this one our little more secret. You can read a more about it here:



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