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Photography Experiences versus Sessions

I've been craving having adventure experiences, so I started researching events and cool spots in and around Portland. I think the sun started peeking through winter and with the first hint of spring, my brain said "ESCAPE THE HOUSE" and now I'm really trying to.

In the past few weeks, I've gone to a community archery practice, booped several goat, sheep, and alpaca noses, swam in the river (yep, it was cold, can confirm), went clamming, and probably did some other fun stuff I forgot about because yes, cuddling baby goats can clean your brain slate completely. I realized that those were the experiences I wanted to documented - my partner and I having fun together, stepping in poo, and falling in love all over again over baby goats. I wish I had thought to create a portrait session out of it, mud and all.

So, I'm using this blog post to suggest some adventure opportunities that will likely lead to photos that are so funny and memorable, you'll want to hang those over the stuffy studio ones with grey backdrops from JC Penny's. If you like any of these ideas, I can make them happen. I'm happy to call locations to get permits/permission and bring snacks. I can make an itinerary so easy to follow, you'll want me organizing the rest of your life for you. Present your wild idea, and we can make it happen.

Daniela's list of wacky weird adventures that would make great photo sessions:

1. Snuggle baby goats at Portland Goat Parties in Hillsboro. They have baby goat therapy, farm visits, and even baby goat yoga. It's sooo relaxing to hug baby goats that you won't care 3 other goats have descended on your shoelaces when you weren't looking. Just wanting to note a few things about the photos below - they're my crappy iphone photos. I was juggling a goat in arms while trying to grab a cute photo of two of my friends having a romantic, goat-filled moment. I promise to come better prepared with professional gear that will make that shot so dreamy you'll want to buy a goat to keep the memories going. I cannot guarantee that I won't hold a goat the entire time I'm photographing you.

2. Have a farm visit (suggested: Triskelee Farms). You might be sensing an animal theme here... but that's because no one can be grouchy when surrounded by things aggressively looking for food, ahem, attention. You might want to wear some boots and comfy clothes, but then you'll get photos of you petting an alpaca, holding a chick, or swooning over a very attractive mini horse.

Again, these are iphone photos - forgive the photographer who left their gear at home on a really fun opportunity.

3. Archery practice - think of all the steamy, romantic poses we could get with one person helping another with their stance or draw. Or, a family session with all kiddos lined up at the same time!? Or, you you could dress up to look like a total badass for a solo session. There are several free ranges in the area, and I have a bow and arrow set.

The possibilities are ENDLESS once you start talking about weapons!

*Thought - this could be the same for axe or knife throwing.

*Second thought - please don't point or throw weapons at me.

* Third thought - forgive the iphone photos, again, gave up the camera that day for a recurve bow.

4. Making dinner together. I don't have any crappy iphone photos for this one (or pro photos either) because it's something my partner and I do so much, but never capture. When I'm old, I want to look back on our cheesy scrapbook and remember how we would work together to cut veggies or make a dish in the kitchen.

5. Eating messy foods together at home or on a picnic.

So, I was recently taught that gays love picnic (you should google that if you don't already know the reference). And I was taught that because I have repeatedly incorporated picnics into dates with my gal pal. I lament not having photos of the two of us having one of these picnic-in-a-pretty-place dates. Going one step further, I really want to (I haven't done this yet) get some super saucy bone-in wings, go on a picnic, and have my partner and I bib up to eat saucy wings watching the sunset (or something just as corny). We'd have the sauce smudged on your cheeks, and between laughing at each other trying to fumble a wing, or helping clean each other off, it could get even saucier!

6. Fishing - wouldn't it just be so sweet for a family or some sweethearts to go fishing together? The photos could highlight helping each other get their equipment all set up and then sitting together, talking and laughing. There would be the shock and excitement of "WAS THAT A NIBBLE?!?" where everyone runs over to look. Maybe someone catches a fish, and there's all that standing close to each other, working on the same task cooperatively to unhook the fish. Maybe there's a campfire after to cook the fish. Or, the fish gets released. The focus would be the process and journey, rather than the fish, I guess, although I'd probably be a little hungry the whole time dreaming of sushi.

7. Gardening - this has to be one of my favorite activities. I love the feeling of helping bring more growth and life onto the planet, and getting my hands dirty. Although my partner isn't as into it, I convince her to come and help sometimes, and us working together on my little vegetable patch is one of my most cherished memories. I want that sweet photo of us holding a mound of dirt around a plant to prop it up, or kissing as we hold a little seedling. We can wear big floppy sunhats for a photo with some lemonade and spades in hand. Or, you could do a solo session of landscaping to show off your farmer's tan and muscles off while splitting wood, digging, carrying a massive boulder on our shoulder, you name it. I can make your glistening sweat the most epic thing the internet will see that day. We can even crack open a cold beer to cool down the scene!

I'm going to keep adding more to this list as I experience new stuff or think of cute ways for people to spend time with one another.


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