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Headshot Session Tips

Although it's not a full glamour shoot, head shots are still a fun way to put your best face in front of your network. Here are a few tips and tricks to "suiting up" for more formal photographs:

1. Bring a jacket, sweater, vest, shawl, etc., with you for a quick "wardrobe change". Most photographers taking headshots, especially for large groups, will not allow time for a full outfit change, but simply throwing on a blazer is fast enough that they probably won't object. We sure don't! Having a second layer creates more formal photos, similar to those used on LinkedIn, and can give you a wider range of comfortable poses.

2. Stick your butt out. For many of our clients, it's their first time taking headshots, and their instinct is to stand up straight and lean away from the camera. Leaning away from the camera leads to midsections, biceps, and hips appearing larger than they are, just because they're closer to the camera than your shoulders and head. Instead, lean into the camera by bending the knee closest to the camera and letting your back hip move backward slightly. This will tip your body towards the lens, bringing your face and shoulders to the forefront, and your waist away from the camera, making it appear slightly smaller. This also helps smooth out your neck.

3. Don't be afraid to try a laugh, rather than just a smile. Nowadays, companies and customers are looking to connect with people who are easily approachable, and look charismatic and friendly. Even though it will feel a little strange, giggle at the camera to give yourself a less posed expression.

Let us know if you'd like to update your headshot! Contact Us.


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