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Sacred Harbor Photography is moving to the Pacific Northwest

I started Sacred Harbor Photography in Boston in 2016 shortly after moving to the East Coast from Indiana. I’ve spent the past five years capturing my clients’ precious moments in and around Boston, and I couldn’t have enjoyed my time here more. New England has the most fantastic sunrises, beaches, and fall foliage!

Even though I’ve loved these years in Boston, my time here has drawn to a close. I’m relocating to the West Coast of the US in November, which means I’ll have ample opportunity to capture gorgeous sunsets on the beach and dramatic mountain scenery.

I cherish the relationships I’ve been able to build with my clients in New England. Through photography, I’ve been privileged to see people commit to lifelong journeys with new spouses and start their families. I will certainly miss the clients and friends I’ve gotten to know over the past five years, and I’m also excited to connect with new people in my new home.

I’ll be debuting on the West Coast in Portland, OR. The forests, mountains, rivers, and ocean all within easy driving distance make Portland a great spot for an outdoor photographer. I’m looking forward to meeting new clients and delivering top-notch photography experiences in the Pacific Northwest!

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