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Lunide & Matt's Sunset Wedding at the Wyndham Newport Hotel

Lunide and Matt hadn't planned on COVID changing their wedding plans, but were still so excited to get married. They picked the Wyndham Newport Hotel for their getting ready, ceremony, and reception. Their ceremony took place at sunset under the hotel's trellis, which was beautifully decorated with astonishing fall-colored florals. Their reception was indoors in one of the ballrooms, with plenty of space for guests to social distance and abide by COVID safety protocols.

I grabbed photos of Matt and his boys getting ready first, and decided to move them from their hotel room to the lobby. Matt was wearing traditional Indian wedding garments (love the shoes!), while his groomsmen donned light gray suits with deep ruby accents.

Lunide got ready a few floors up in a larger room. Matt had gotten her a surprise and wrote her a letter, so after getting ready, she opened up her gift from Matt, which contained her own pair of sunglasses (so she'd stop appropriating his), and a locket with photos of her family inside. The love Matt conveyed in the letter had everyone tearing up, including Lunide!

Once Lunide was ready, we got everyone out to the courtyard for the ceremony. The sun was directly behind the ceremony spot, so I had to get creative with some of the shots to stay within shadows to prevent lens flare. The flower girl was my favorite part of the wedding; she was very determined to get every fl0wer petal onto the ground, and vigorously dumped her basket to reach that goal.

After the ceremony, we stayed and took some formal photos with their family and friends. It was starting to get a little chilly, so Lunide and I stayed for some last intimate portraits while guests started heading into the reception. After the sun had set, the sky began to turn pink and purple, and helped create some stunning low-light portraits!

All of us were a little cold, so we headed into the reception ballroom, where they got the party started! Here are a few of my favorites from the remainder of the night, including a few of their brilliant shining lights above the dance floor, grandma getting into dancing quite a bit, and some heartfelt toasts.


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