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Kelsey & Corey's Warm Winter Salem, MA Wedding

Kelsey and Corey’s wedding day was unseasonably and pleasantly warm for February in Salem, Massachusetts. We started the day with couples’ formals at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site in front of the USS Friendship. The sun was out in full force, making the water sparkle.

Like most couples, Kelsey and Corey were awkward at first in front of the camera, but once they started interacting, it became instantly apparent how adorable they are as a couple. Corey was positively melting with love for Kelsey.

We tried to do a champagne toast on the steps of the old Customs House, but we mostly just succeeded in getting champagne all over a historic site. After the toast, we took photos around the historical park, which, despite the sunshine, had sheets of ice everywhere.

The ceremony was held in a private room in the Ledger Restaurant. Kelsey and Corey prayed together with their guests and then had lunch afterwards at the reception in the restaurant. Due to COVID, the couple ended up having to book the entire restaurant for their small reception, which ended up creating a very cozy and intimate setting for them to spend their wedding with only friends and family in the venue.


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