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Couple’s Session with Ally, Sarah, and Gus at Kelley Point

The morning of Ally and Sarah’s photoshoot, the fog around Portland was thick as pea soup. We braved the fog advisory and made our way to Kelley Point Park. Ally and Sarah brought their dog Gus, who hiked like a champion from the parking lot to the sandy beach where the Willamette River joins the Columbia River at Kelley Point.

Gus, who stole the show, is a small dog posing on the rocks at Kelley Point, Portland, Columbia River, in the fog

When we got to Kelley Point, the fog sitting on the river was the same color as the water. The effect gave us an illusion of placelessness, which made for some hauntingly beautiful photos.

LGBTQ+ couple walks along the waterfront holding hands in the fog with the Columbia in the background

Sarah and Ally posed with just each other, and they also posed with Gus. This little Yorkie stole our hearts and became the star of the photoshoot.

As the sun rose, the fog thinned slightly. We could finally tell the difference between the air and the water of the Columbia River. Ally and Sarah posed for some final shots, while Gus buried his favorite toy in the sand.

The two women hold each other, nose to nose, loving simply being with one another on the waterfront

The winter fog here in Portland can present some challenges. But with a little planning and the right photographer, you can be sure to have a great couple’s photo session, no matter the weather.


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