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Jen & Mark's Halibut State Park Wedding Portraits

Jen and Mark were officially married during the COVID-19 pandemic. This happy couple received a photography session as a gift from their friends, and we went to Halibut State park to capture their love in the gorgeous light off the ocean.

On a steamy early summer evening, we arrived at the seashore, where we found a cooling breeze and beautiful light conditions. Jen and Mark were naturals in front of the camera, and we got excellent photos of them, the sun, and the ocean.

Halibut has some excellent, easily hiked trails to get to the large rocks and short ocean-side cliffs. Climbing on the rocks is a little teetery, but we made it. Mark impressively had great footing despite his dress shoes, and Jen kept her tennis shoes on for comfort and traction. I definitely wobbled and then lay down on some rocks to capture some of the shots I wanted because the scenery was so dramatic.

A couple of extra guests joined us for the session. Jen’s wonderful sister joined in for some photos. She also carried extra water and treats for the guest star, Jen and Mark’s adorable dog.

After we finished at the rocky shore, we walked along the trails in the park. Jen and Mark twirled each other in the light of the setting sun. Despite the ocean breeze, everyone was sweating due to the heat wave, so we "deck changed" right on the trail using some large sheets so Jen and Mark could get out of their formal wear once the sun set. If you're planning a summer photo session, elopement, or wedding, I highly recommend bringing a tote bag with some changing essentials: comfortable walking shoes, a sweat towel, extra makeup, a hairbrush, a towel or sheet to step on while changing, a large sheet or towel to wrap yourself in to change, and extra water.


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