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Hayden's Springtime Adventure

I'd like to think I'm Hayden's personal paparazzi - I took Lisa & Kyle's maternity photos when they were getting ready for Hayden to arrive, and I took Hayden's newborn photos. Last fall, I had the pleasure of taking Hayden's 1 year family photos as well.

Best part of the whole session:

Hayden LOVES dogs. He knows to "arf arf" and point to every dog that walked by. So, when we stopped in a spot to grab a few photos, Hayden's eyes were locked on a little poofy dog that was walking past our little group. He pointed, laughed at the dog, and was positively radiant about being in the midst of that little pup. The dog's owner, upon seeing Hayden's enthusiasm, grabbed his dog and lifted the dog above MY head while I took the photos! Hayden's squeals and laughs of delight were absolutely worth it; I just wish I had gotten a photo of the dog being held above me to get Hayden to look towards the camera. As I watched the owner swing the dog over my head, I turned back toward the family to capture Hayden's laughter, but he seemed really confused about why the doggie was floating above my head. My favorite photo:

More highlights from the session:


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