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Genie & Bill's Lynch Park Rose Garden and Woodbury Point Engagement Session

Genie and Bill came together in the Lynch Park Rose Garden to celebrate what for each of them is their second marriage. The rose garden was a popular spot that day, with 5 other photographers and a Quinceañera in attendance. The beautiful landscaping is definitely a hit for celebrations. Luckily, we were able to get Genie and Bill some space for just themselves.

Bill serenaded Genie with his singing and guitar playing, which is one of her favorite things that he does. His music and style also mesmerized several other people in the gardens. Genie is one lucky lady!

We had perfect weather and lighting, with just enough wind to make Genie’s second dress billow picturesquely at the shore. Getting there at low tide allowed us to play on the rocks that are normally submerged at that beach.

The setting sun graced us with a last bit of light to match Genie’s last dress. The happy couple spent some time together cuddling on a ledge, holding hands, enjoying each other and the beautiful scenery.

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