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Chrissy & Diane's Love-Themed Wedding at Lake Pearl

Chrissy & Diane finally got married at Lake Pearl after previously postponing twice. The day was beautiful, but with hurricane-level winds (it felt like). Their wedding took place in Lake Pearl's boathouse and the reception in a large tent on the property, and was so incredibly fun!

The afternoon started with getting ready shots. Because it was a smaller wedding, there were fewer wedding party members. Cynthia and I split up to cover both of the brides in their separate getting ready locations. Pro-tip: if your couple has writing on the bottoms of their shoes, take photos of those shoes BEFORE they put them on and wear them! The writing/decals come off pretty quickly; I'm so relieved Cynthia and I got photos of the bottoms during getting ready coverage because by formals, the shoe bottoms were bare!

Chrissy and Diane were married on the beach, inside the boathouse. It was so windy, Chrissy's hair, veil, and dress got a little frisky, and the justice of the peace was a little worried their candle for their candle lighting ceremony wouldn't light... but it did!

Formals jumped around a bit due to the wind - we tried to do some photos on the beach, but then moved into the tent to stay warm and stop getting pelted by grains of sand. Cynthia and I snuck the couple back out for photos at about 6 PM to catch the sunset. Due to cloud cover, the sun had already disappeared by the time we made it back to the beach, but the remaining colors were beautiful.

One thing that I'll never forget is the New England Patriot-themed grand entrance for the wedding party!

Here are some of our favorite highlights of Chrissy and Diane's stunning wedding day.



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