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Charlotte & Tami's Romantic Session at Tryon Creek State Park

Charlotte and Tami met me at the main entrance to Tryon Creek in Lake Oswego for a sunset session. Although it's still late winter in Portland, there was still so much greenery due to the moss and conifers in the area. We walked down the Center Trail and found a little boardwalk that served as a perfect icebreaker spot.

During the session, it was so clear that Tami and Charlotte adore each other. The moments where Tami pulled Charlotte in for a hug or kiss, and they ended up laughing or snuggling were my absolute favorite.

We found a few other spots as the sun started making long shadows between the trees. Turning onto the Maple Ridge Trail, we found a little memorial bench that overlooks the creek and ravine that was perfectly lit by the setting sun.

You know how some couples are a little awkward when they kiss? Not so for Charlotte and Tami! I asked them to kiss and cuddle over and over again, each time with no complaints.

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