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A Boston Public Garden Intimate Wedding

Danielle and Sam had planned to get married in Upstate New York surrounded by all of their closest friends and family. Like many couples, they changed their plans due to COVID-19, but decided to keep their original wedding date for a smaller ceremony and some quality family time.

That morning, Danielle had a serious wardrobe mishap - the zipper on her dress came off the track, and Danielle had to scramble to find a store with safety pins, thread, and body tape! She had to sneak into her house to hide in a room so that Sam couldn't see Danielle, her mom, sister-in-law, and grandma trying to repair the dress. Thankfully, the fix worked out fine, and the whole ceremony went as planned - the zipper/body tape even held up with jumping, dips, spins, and a playground excursion!

We all met at the Boston Public Gardens at the Robin Williams Memorial Bench, where we found a spot under a willow tree and set up for the ceremony. As both sides of the family arrived, we formulated a plan as to where folks would stand, how Danielle's father would walk her toward her grandfather (officiant), and where their video camera would be set up. We actually ended up re-doing the procession because it was 1:28 PM, and they wanted to see if a second go would be smoother! How awesome is that - being able to redo an element because the ceremony is so flexible!?

The ceremony was beautiful, with blessings bestowed onto the couple by their officiant/grandfather, which was very special. After the couple said "I do," we organized for family and group photos. Both sides of the family were fantastically funny, and were a dream to work with. It was so wonderful to hear everyone cheer and yell "We're all one big family now!"

While we were taking formal photos, Sam made a surfer gesture, and everyone laughed, explaining his unique obsession with Hawaiian shirts.... and then Danielle left the group, ran over to the bag pile, and grabbed a wrapped present. She handed it to Sam, and he TORE THE BOX OPEN in excitement. Lo and behold, Danielle had purchased his & hers matching Hawaiian shirts, complete with pink flamingos and Danielle and Sam's faces!

Sam's excitement about getting married was easily overshadowed by his sheer joy from the Hawaiian shirt gift, and none of us could stop laughing and cheering for them.

We finished formals and headed over to the Boston Public Garden Foot Bridge for more family and couple's photos. We learned that making a reservation for a ceremony with the park itself through their published protocols does not mean the area you've reserved is in any way roped off or reserved. That being said, it was really fun to have every passerby and tourist yell "Congratulations!" at Danielle and Sam, with many loungers and picnicking groups cheering as they walked by.

We only had the BPG reserved for an hour, so after we got done jumping, dipping, and swooning, all of the parents and family members headed home to get ready for the reception (dinner), and Danielle, Same, Cynthia (2nd photographer), and I walked through the Garden, took more photos, and then crossed the pedestrian bridge toward Charles River Esplanade and Hatch Shell.

I hope you love these photos as much as I loved spending time with and photographing these beautiful newlyweds!

Afterwards, Danielle and Sam headed home for their reception, and to get on the road for their "mini-moon". Despite their friends making jokes like "It's not too late," and "there's still time for you to back out" before the wedding, Danielle and Sam were surprised with a gift basket from their close friends upon arriving at their resort, and I'm pleased to report the Hawaiian shirts were a hit at the resort!

Photo from the couple from the resort:

Newlyweds Danielle and Sam toast with frozen drinks at their mini-moon while wearing Sam's favorite Hawaiian shirts, gifted to him by his wife at their wedding.
Danielle & Sam Celebrate in their custom Hawaiian shirts



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