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Baby Bump to Baby: What do I do with this new baby?

First off, if you're not sure how else to dote on your baby, or on your significant other who is pregnant, the answer is almost always "dress up and do a photo shoot!" I love photographing expecting mamas and then the babies after delivery because I feel like I've already been a part of the baby's life.

Here are some tips and tricks for maternity and newborn photography:

1. Don't wait until the last few weeks for a maternity session! This is really important. Some women deliver early, or are really uncomfortable for the last week or two. Instead, having a session around weeks 29-32 allows mama to be comfortable, the baby bump to be very distinct, and gives you some leeway for a rain date, if needed.

2. It's okay to pick clothing that accentuates the baby bump. In fact, it's our favorite part! Long flowing dresses, or articles that split to show off the baby bump are gorgeous.

3. Newborns typically photograph best between 14 - 21 days old. Their post-delivery redness fades enough to keep the newborn skin rosy, but the newborn is still sleepy and makes really "bread loaf" poses.

Let us know if you're expecting! We LOVE doing maternity and newborn shoots. We've got the lighting for indoor photos for newborns, and the rest of the equipment so it's stress-free for the newborn and the parent.


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