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Advika & Matt's Engagement Session at Torbert Macdonald Park

Advika, Matt, and I met at Torbert Macdonald Park, Mystic River Reservation for a few romantic couples photos. The morning was crisp but sunny, and the leaves had started changing colors, which made for a pretty warm and fun photography session.

We first walked around the trails on the south side of the park, which yielded a few tucked away trails and tall grasses. We kept wondering how we could get toward the water, and the trail kept angling away from the water, so we finally turned around and went back to the main portion of the park to find a few other beautiful spots.

Walking into the main section of the park, I saw a grove of trees filled with orange leaves, and immediately popped Advika and Matt into the middle of it.

We walked a little farther down the grove, and I saw docks onto the river and some willow trees, and off we went.

I'm so glad my couples are willing and adventurous! I sent Advika and Matt down to the end of the dock while I straddled a few rocks on the bank to get this shot:

Here are some of my favorite photos from the rest of the session.


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