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A New Year's Eve Downtown Wedding

Sam and I photographed Sue and Rob's summer elopement earlier in the year, and when they reached out to ask if I was available on NYE for their vow renewal and party, I couldn't have been more excited!

Sue and Robert have some really spectacular kids, family, and friends. The couple had a prop table for silly photos, and eclectic jazz and oldies playing for fun conversations and dancing. Sue and Robert never missed an opportunity to kiss each other, and the love that emanates from them spread like wildfire. With everyone trying to get into photos with the couple, give them hugs, and congratulate them one more time.

The venue was the Hi-Lo Hotel in downtown Portland. The celebration and banquet rooms are in the basement level, and the dark walls and ceilings gave the room a whimsical, moody vibe. Loren from Fuck Yeah Weddings in Seattle coordinated and performed the ceremony. Loren and I are the same height, so it was fun having another wedding vendor be so much taller than most of the guests!


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