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What Wedding Details Start the Day?

In working with couples, I find that although they're very precise and clear on the photos they want captured during the ceremony, formals, and reception, they're unsure of what photography happens before the ceremony begins. Here's a quick recap, as well as some tips and tricks for being ready for the pre-ceremony part of your big day involving the details.

Getting ready coverage is a fun way to start your photography coverage because it allows the photographer to capture photos of the pieces of your wedding you're going to be wearing later, like your rings, hair pieces, shoes, dress, etc. Photographers love having some shots of invitations, florals, and the other parts that make up the details of your wedding day. In terms of items I recommend you have ready for the photographer to take photos of:

  • The getup: the dress, shoes, veil, garter belt, tie, belt,

  • Cuff links

  • Florals

  • Invitations, save the dates, wedding programs

  • Jewelry for day of, and anything special, like antiques from grandparents, or anything meaningful to you

  • Jewelry boxes or dishes

  • All the rings!

  • Perfume bottle

  • Letters from your significant other

The best way for the photographer to take photos of these items is to go to a naturally bright and well lit area where they can hang the dress, and curate different configurations of the variety of items to be sure to capture all you have spent time preparing for your big day. If there isn't natural light indoors, the photographer may need to take the items outside or to another location in the venue. I recommend packing all the small items (not the dress or veil) into a bag so the photographer can transport the pieces and get the photos done quickly.

Don't be afraid to add in personalized touches into your details bag, like ribbon, photos, memory charms, hair brushes, bottles of liqueur, etc.


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