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Suzy & Matt's Salem Wedding

On one of the warmest days of December, Matt (and his best man, Matt) and I met at Pickering Wharf to prepare for his first look of his soon-to-be wife, Suzy. It was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon, with the Friendship docked at the Wharf right behind the first look spot.

Suzy's father dropped her off at the Wharf, and when she arrived, I already had Matt in position. We made sure we were being COVID-safe and stayed away from all of the other visitors to the Wharf, so Suzy and Matt felt comfortable doing the first looks without masks on.

The first look went beautifully - I had Matt prepped and waiting to only turn around when Suzy touched his right shoulder and said his name. I gave her the thumbs up to head towards him and made sure I was in position to photograph his reaction (which was going to be so sweet, as he was already crying before she had even arrived).

They were both so overjoyed to see one another! Best man Matt and I kept remarking on how perfect the two of them were together. After the first look, we stayed at the entrance to the wharf for a few more photos, heading down to the water and to a dock to pop some champagne.

After the couple's photos, we headed over to the Commons so Suzy and Matt could officially get married! A small group of close family and friends had already gathered at the gazebo, still decorated with a holiday tree, and we waited for Suzy to arrive.

A close family friend was their Justice of the Peace, and her husband played guitar for the processional and recessional. The ceremony was very sweet, focusing on the couple and their love for one another, and the sun slowly set while the moon appeared.

After the ceremony, we took some outdoor family formals at the gazebo (not pictured), and then headed over to Ledger Restaurant ( where Suzy and Matt had rented out the restaurant to have their dinner reception. Due to COVID, they were limited to the number of people, so we made sure to grab photos with everyone at the gazebo before we headed to the restaurant.

The restaurant had set up safe, spaced apart seating on side of the layout, which allowed for wedding decorations, cake, and gifts to be positioned on one side, without impacting the table set up. Food and appetizers were coming out, drinks were flowing, and the guests were having a great time at their respective tables. When Suzy and Matt arrived, we all cheered for them to do their first dances right away. Due to the restrictions, they hadn't planned on too many reception festivities, so their first dance, and subsequent parent dances, were very special.

We took some additional photos in the separate room (which they had originally planned to do their ceremony in before the additional restrictions earlier that week), and Suzy's sister gave a heartfelt toast to the happy couple to begin dinner.

Although this wedding and reception were indoors during COVID, everyone at the restaurant and all of the guests were vigilant about wearing masks and social distancing. We made sure to abide by all CDC guidelines, hand sanitize often, and all of the vendors/servers/staff always kept their masks on. Even during a global pandemic, Suzy and Matt's love for one another and their friends/family came out on top. I was honored to be a small part of their wedding, and wish them all of the health and happiness.


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