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Sarah & Louis's Intimate Wedding Reception

Last night, Sarah & Louis celebrated their earlier ceremony with a small wedding reception at Bastille Kitchen in the Seaport District. Sarah and Louis got ready at their apartment with their two beautiful nieces and other family members, including their cat, Angus. Sarah's hair was done by Emily ( and makeup by @gretchen Mauras Makeup & Hair (@gretchenmaurasbeauty).

While Sarah was getting ready, we got Angus styled up in his spiffy bowtie and did a quick handsome kitty shoot. 100% recommend on wedding days - it took 5 minutes, a few treats, and 2 volunteers to block off any escape routes.

Sarah described herself as the "anti-bride" and didn't have a lot of details to capture, but I grabbed a few rose petals and leaves and took some photos of the engagement and wedding rings.

Sarah and Louis got ready together, and I LOVE these photos of them using the same mirror to check their getup!

We took a few family photos while Sarah finished hair and makeup.

Although it was windy and cold, I convinced them to brave the weather on their roof for a few photos at sunset before heading to the reception.

The reception was held in a private room at the Bastille Kitchen.; the room was golden and rustic, with an entire wall of unique hanging art of all types. Forty of Sarah and Louis's closest friends and family arrived to celebrate with them. Before dinner started, Sarah and Louis gave quick speeches and toasted each other. It was really special to see how much they were loved and supported, with many guests traveling from far and wide to wish them well. Congrats Sarah & Louis!


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