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Kayley & Matt's Beachside Salisbury Wedding

Kayley and Matt got married at the gorgeous Seaglass Restaurant (in Salisbury, MA) in late May, and the running joke was that Kayley's twin sister's wedding in February was warmer than the end of May summer wedding this year. Driving up for the ceremony, my Jeep was fielding some strong gusts, and the wind only picked up closer to the water!

Inviting only their family and closest friends, Kayley and Matt planned an evening ceremony on the top floor of the Seaglass, followed by a group dinner. The venue had set up a breath taking ceremony spot in front of huge windows, giving everyone an epic view of the frothy seas.

Because Kayley and Matt had driven up together, we did group formals first, a few photos with K & M on the beach between storm clouds, and then headed back upstairs for the ceremony.

As a photographer, I get to listen to a lot of ceremonies, and I have to say, Kayley and Matt's ceremony may be one of my favorites. Their connection to each other was strengthened by their love of the ocean, and traveling to experience it, and that really hit home for me. My photography business and personal passions intersect at my own love of water (so much so that I called my business Sacred Harbor Photography). Our oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds - they're all intertwined with each of us, whether we live in a high rise or right on the water. For so many ecosystems, water is the source of sustained life, and helps so many organisms thrive... it was so beautiful to see water and the ocean bring joy to this couple as well, and help them bond over it.

After the ceremony concluded, we took some more photos outside. This next gallery combines some of my favorites from before their ceremony and afterwards. It's kind of cool to see that before and after getting married, nothing changed between Kayley and Matt - there were simply in love with each other, sand pelting at their face, laughing as the wind tried to steal all their clothes away.

During their engagement session, we had tried to do a champagne toast at Fan Pier. Sadly, the bottle of champagne I brought was 1) too small and 2) kind of a flat dud, so we barely got a good spray back then. Matt was prepared and brought a giant bottle of cheap bubbly, and they got an amazing explosion this time around and ended up dousing me and the camera with champagne!

After the champagne pop that rocked my world for a minute, we headed inside so I could grab some photos of K & M cutting their adorable and beach-chic wedding cake. I couldn't stop admiring their super cute mini lawn chairs!

I wish these two lovebirds and their families the absolute best, and I hope that the ocean continues to bring them closer and closer together.


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