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An Outdoor Adventure Session feat. Newlyweds Paige, Leon, and Tito

2 photographers, 2 newlyweds, and 1 dog drive to the Lynn Woods Reservation and hike up a hill.

Paige and Leon were married 2 months ago at the Heritage Hotel in Southbury, CT. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful, with almost every guest staying until after the last song, celebrating with the happy couple. The only thing missing from their wedding festivities was the center of their lives: Tito, their rescue beagle.

Paige and Leon wanted wedding photos including the third member of their family, and we decided to shoot at sunset in the Lynn Woods to make it epic. We had planned on Saturday, and when Friday's forecast showed cold showers, and Sunday promised non-stop rain, we got a little nervous about the weather for our session. Fortunately, Saturday's weather was the best we could have hoped for - in the 50s, sunny, with very little wind.

Mackenzie Parent ( was the fabulous hair and makeup artist, meeting Paige at her home before the session to apply a natural, bold look for makeup, and a half up hairstyle. Mackenzie was quick and efficient, and the makeup and hair turned out stunning!

We packed up the dress and tux in their garment bags, carefully rolling them into a huge IKEA bag for easier transport. Paige and Leon wore warm hiking clothes and boots to the session, and we packed their accessories and dress shoes to bring with us. We also brought a large sheet to put on the ground to help keep everyone's feet warm and clean during the changing process on site.

We found a gorgeous spot off the trail overlooking the lake (mostly because we couldn't actually find the trail in the first place, discovering we had walked right by the trail marker WHILE we were asking another hiking group for directions to that trail!).

We ended up taking photos in two locations - one in the ridge line, overlooking the lake, as the sunset's golden cast warmed the couple, and the second after the sun had set right on the lake. We couldn't believe our luck with the sunset and the weather, sandwiched between two cold, rainy days!

Pro tip: Tito only mildly cares about treats, and couldn't care less about sticks, leaves, and all other attention grabbers. Tito was a real trooper, getting cold toward the end of the session. His goal in the session was to sit on his mom's dress train, so he ended up getting lots of stern talks about behaving. He lives for attention from his two favorite humans, and despite not wanting to pose for the camera, gleefully accepted being photographed while being snuggled.


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