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A Truly Bostonian Engagement Session feat. a Champagne Pop

Only in the heart of Boston can you have an engagement shoot where swans and squirrels make frequent guest appearances. I loved this shoot, both because some of the landmarks and skylines are as "Bostonian" as they get, but also because these two lovebirds had smiles to light joy in everyone around them. Margaret and Jack are originally from Minnesota, and moved to Boston recently (they hadn't even been to the Gardens or Historic Beacon Hill!), so this was a phenomenal shoot all around.

Locations included: Boston Public Gardens, Historic Beacon Hill, Acorn Street

Margaret and Jack brought a bottle of champagne with them to celebrate their engagement and their night on the town, and we concluded the evening session at twilight with a champagne pop attempt. Although the cork popped loudly and flew at least 15 feet away, the champagne didn't spray. Lesson learned - pop the cork before the photos, and plug the opening with your thumb. Shake vigorously, and when the photographer is ready (and slightly out of the champagne's line of fire), have the person holding the champagne move their thumb for the bubbly eruption!


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